The 61st Arctic Terns & Penguins (ATP) is a dedicated DCS (Digital Combat Simulator) Server managed by the 61st Arctic Terns & Penguins Squadron to help DCS new comers and veterans alike.

Why Arctic Terns & Penguins you ask? Well they are birds that can’t fly. According to google there are like 60 major bird species that do not fly. That makes our squadron the 61 so we are the 61st ATP!

What makes our dedicated DCS servers unique is the fact that pilots are not bound by rules.

You are free to play the game as you wish – just learn, fly and laugh.

We also have other servers that are used for events and matches. Some of these servers are private or require passwords. If you join the squadron you will have access to the servers.

Our server supports Simple Radio System (SRS) for voice chat and TacView for post flight analysis.

Visit the SRS and TacView pages above for further information.

You call also join our community by liking us on Facebook and being part of our Discord group.

The server is open to the public and it is listed on the DCS server list. If you would like to connect directly, the address is Enjoy!

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